Future Proof Building

Future proofing is a buzzword in the industry at the moment but behind this buzzword is a solid premise that will not only make sure your property stands the test of time but also reduces your power bill at the same time.

  • Install LED lighting.
    • LED lighting provides instant bright light at lower cost than incandescents and compact florescent lamps.
  • Sensors and Timers.
    • Having your appliances and lighting on timers or activated by sensors can reduce your power bill and improve your quality of life.
  • Solar options.
    • Substitute grid power by generating and storing your own electricity.
  • Heat Pumps
    • Heat pumps provide cleaner air while heating and cooling your spaces. When combined with a timer, cost efficiencies can also be improved
  • Ventilation Systems.
    • Use the heat in your roof to heat your house and to give an even temperature between the rooms. Reduce dampness and aleviate symptoms for allergy sufferers.
  • Automation.
    • Control your house while you are away from home.

Using modern technology with high energy efficiency and options to suit the requirement to suit the home.